by Bob Calton

In June 2013, the Curtain Theatre Company and Marin Onstage co-produced Bob Calton's high energy musical Return to the Forbidden Planet at Caldwell Theatre, Tamalpais High School. The show featured 1950s and 1960s rock and roll classics and a campy sci-fi setting based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and the 1950s science fiction film Forbidden Planet (which itself drew its plot loosely from The Tempest).

And ... Return to Return to the Forbidden Planet!

Marin Onstage restaged this rockin' musical by popular demand at the Novato Theatre space! - January 9-26, 2014.

Directed by Carl Jordan
Choreographer: Steve Beecroft
Vocal director: Amanda Morando
Music director: James Harman
Captain Tempest: Phillip Percy Williams
Miranda: Maura Tang
Cookie: Steve Beecroft
Gloria: Nicole Frydman
Prospero: Paul Abbott
Ariel: Melissa Claire
Bosun: Phil Swanson
Navigator: Pam Drummer-Williams
Newscaster/Narrator: Sumi Narendran
Crew: Linda Ward, Natalia Ernst, Hope Carrillo,
Sumi Narendran Cardinal,Mark L. Clark, Trungta Kositchaimongkoi

Stage Manager: Diane Pickell-Gore
Asst Stage Manager: Frank Cardinale Costume design:Jeanine Grey
Lighting design: Frank Sarubbi
Sets and props: Nick Corcoran,Betty Woolfolk
Video Design: Robert Nelson
Sound design: Rick Banghart
Dance Captain: Linda Ward
Production crew: Gary Gosner, Alice Montgomery, Vicki Siegel

Cast January 2014 production:

Paul Abbott, Steve Beecroft, Mark Clark, Melissa Claire, Shari Clover, Trungta Kositchaimongkol, Will Lamers, Amy Lizardo,
Ashley McKenna, Amanda Morando, Phillip Swanson, Linda Ward and Phillip Percy Williams